Narcissist and His Body in Health, Illness, and Disability

When narcissists fall victim to persistent or severe diseases, or endure a traffic accident, they respond in either of 4 typical methods, depending on the kind of narcissist:

1. The schizotypal reaction: the belief that the narcissist’s circumstance is a part of a larger, cosmic plan, or of a blueprint that governs the narcissist’s life and inexorably leads him to achievement and to the fulfillment of an objective.

2. Narcissistic rage meant to ease sensations of vulnerability, loss of control, and impotence and to re-establish the narcissist’s supreme, grandiose self. This is frequently followed by a schizoid stage (withdrawal) and then by a manic spurt of activity, looking for egotistical supply (attention).

3. The paranoid reaction: the narcissist deludes himself that the accident was no accident, someone is out to get him, etc. The narcissist casts himself in the role of a victim, usually in the framework of some grand design or conspiracy, or as the outcome of “fate” (once again, a schizotypal aspect).

4. The masochistic reaction: in the wake of the health problem or accident, the narcissist’s continuous stress and anxiety is reduced and he is relieved, having actually been “penalized” correctly for his fundamental “evilness” and decadence.

Narcissists dislike weak (ill) people and hate it much more when their source of conceited supply stops to operate correctly. The majority of them simply proceed: they abandon the sick partner and find another, much healthier one. Some of them play the function of martyrs, victims, selfless saints and thus garner egotistical supply as they “treat” their bedridden partner.

The permanently handicapped narcissists adopt several of three techniques:

1. Exaggerated vulnerability which validates emotional blackmail and the type of insidious dependence that cripples his caretakers;

2. Control freakery in a crazy effort to reassert his grandiose sense of omnipotence now gravely challenged by his invalidity;

3. Sadism which renders his victim as powerless as he is and as disappointed as he feels and, hence, “levels the playing field” and stabilizes his special needs (” everyone is helpless and frustrated so there is nothing truly incorrect with me, I am, after all, still perfect.”).

All narcissists have it to some degree. Somatic narcissists are especially vulnerable to misjudge their bodies – either positively or adversely.

Knowledgeable about this, the somatic narcissist dedicates inordinate quantities of time and effort to body structure, exercising, mastering sexual advances and foreplay and the intricacies of the coital act itself. To improve his belief system, the somatic narcissist co-opts others by forcing them to enhance his develop, shape, constitution, health, sexual prowess, physical routine and beauty.

The somatic narcissist is a compulsive consumer of “body matches or extensions” – items that he believes increase his attraction, irresistibility, appeal, and the value of his propositions. Fancy cars, flashy clothes, sumptuous residences, first class flights, high-end hotels, platinum charge card, luxurious celebrations, name-dropping, celebrity “pals”, hi-tech gadgetry – all serve to boost the narcissist’s self-image and to bolster his grandiose dreams.

It allows the narcissist’s False Self to control both the narcissist and his human environment. It is as however by changing his body – the narcissist moulds and develops his world, his closest and dearest, his self in flux, his predicted image and the reactions to it.

By lying about his body, his health, his sex appeal, his durability, his possessions (his bodily extensions), his sexual expertise, his appearance, his irresistibility, his good friends and lovers, experiences and affairs – the narcissist transforms the REAL world. To him, the REAL LIFE – is how people VIEW him to be. By altering their perceptions, by indoctrinating and “brainwashing” them – the narcissist secures a Pathological Conceited Area in which his Self False can grow, fully nourished.

The cerebral narcissist likewise deforms the real image of his body in his mind. The cerebral narcissist almost always lies about his IQ, his psychological capacities, his abilities.

He tends to completely disregard and belittle the rest of his body. To him, it is a burdensome and unneeded appendage. He may suffer the requirement to “maintain” the flesh and of the derided dependence of his stunning brain on his abject and rotting body. “I would have voluntarily positioned my brain in a laboratory container, to be artificially nurtured there, and given up my body” – they might state.

They hardly ever workout and regard with disdain the activities, proclivities, and predilections of the somatic narcissist. The cerebral narcissist ignores the requirements of his own body, misreads its signals, and overlooks its procedures.

Cerebral narcissists often go through somatic stages and somatic narcissists – if capable – embrace cerebral behaviour patterns. The momentarily somatic narcissist unexpectedly begins to exercise, groom himself, seduce, and have innovative and creative sex.