Best Flexibility Exercises You Can Do At Home

Flexibility is as important as strength. There are several life skills that you can’t pull off without a flexible body. So strength with flexibility should be your ultimate goal.

Stretching exercises are a great way to enhance the flexibility of your body. These exercises can be done before and after your workout session. This would prepare your body for the grueling session and prevent soreness and pain. Here are some simple yet effective flexibility exercises that you can do at your home.

1. Neck Stretches

Even the slightest of a cramp in the neck can be downright irritating. Also, it can lead to headaches and backaches. Neck stretching can save you the pain by making the area more flexible. An exercise that stretches the sides of your neck can be an excellent pain killer.

You can also opt for back neck stretches. Hold your right wrist with the left hand behind your back. Now stretch your back neck by getting your arms straight and pulling yourself away. Keep the position for about half a minute and repeat by changing hands.

2. Hamstring Stretches

Keeping flexible hamstrings has immense benefits. It keeps your back, hips, and knees healthy and strong. Hamstring stretch mainly stretches the back of your legs. It makes a great post-workout stretching option. The best hamstring stretches to try out include forward bend, scissor stretch, reclined stretch, and standing hamstring stretch.

3. Abdominal Stretches

Intense core exercises often result in sore muscles the following day. You can avoid the situation with a nice stretch of your abs. One of the best examples is the cobra yoga pose. Feel free to use a ball for side bends or spinal stretches.

4. Glutes Stretches

Glute stretches can be very effective in getting rid of backaches. These stretches open up your tight hips. Using a foam roller would make your efforts easier and more effective.

One of the best exercises to stretch your glutes is the seated spinal twist. Start by spreading your legs straight in the front. Now bend your right leg to make the heel reach near your sit bones. Set your right hand on the ground behind you and pull your knee to the left stretching your glutes. Hold the position for about half a minute and repeat by switching hands and legs.

5. Shoulder Stretches

If your work keeps you sitting for long hours, shoulder stretches are important. Long hours of sitting can make your shoulders sore and tense. Shoulder stretching doesn’t only ease it off; it supports your neck, ribs, and back as well.

Shoulder rolls and rotations are amazing exercises to achieve flexible shoulders. The cow-face pose is another excellent option. To do the pose, straighten and bend your right hand behind the head. Next, bend your left elbow to take your left arm behind your back. Now try to make your left arm touch the right fingertips and stretch yourself. Repeat by switching hands.
It’s easy to attain flexibility for your whole body with simple stretching exercises. You do not need any equipment and can do them at the comfort of your home. Apply them in your daily workout regime to stay flexible and strong. Just make sure you know the basics on how to do flexibility exercises the right way.