Best Exercises for Bone Health

Getting fit is very popular today. However, not all fitness plans fit everyone. There are specific regimens that are only applicable to specific persons with specific conditions. For example, jogging may not be good for those who are suffering from arthritis because it can make their condition worse. On the other hand, there are a lot of exercises that can help improve our condition. Thus, it is best to know which exercises are good for us and which are not. In this article, we will focus on exercises that can make our bones healthier.

Why Exercise Our Bones?

Many people shy away from exercising because they say that they are too busy and they fail to see the benefits in doing so. What they do not know is that bones tend to grow stronger when they are being stretched and exercised. People who exercise regularly have a greater advantage than those who do not, especially in increasing their bone mass. This is especially important when we are getting older because our bones deteriorate, so it is best to invest in bone mass while we are still young. The bone exercises can contribute much with their strength, stability and even endurance. Many people who have exercised while they were young had lesser chances of developing osteoporosis.

What is The Suggested Workout for Bones?

More than just stretching, our bones also need to be coordinated since they are used in simultaneous movements. They need to be strong and flexible since they are the framework of the body.

One of the best workouts that are suggested for our body is the graceful application of Tai Chi. Many may not be familiar with this but to prep us up, this involves a lot of movements that look and feel like a dance or a ballet in very slow motion. This goes better with Yoga which when combined together are good antidotes and even effective prevention of bone loss and even Osteoporosis. For those who do not have time to lay down mats on their floors or check out some yoga studios, they can go for a brisk walk when they need to grab some groceries or when they are on their way to work. People can even plan for an early morning brisk walking or after work walking sessions to make time for it. Brisk walking is a big help for the prevention of fractures around the hips and even strengthen them. Some people enroll in dance classes or some forms of martial arts so they can get the bone exercise they need without being involved in a boring pattern of workouts. Some involve themselves in strength training like lifting weights and calisthenics.

These are the best exercises for bone health. However, before you decide to enroll yourself in one of these workouts, make sure that you check with your doctor. Those with weaker and thinner bones and people with other medical conditions should consult with their physicians first before undergoing fitness programs.

In conclusion, never delay in making decisions especially when it comes to achieving a healthier body. Be sensitive with the needs of your body so that you will be prepared when aging takes its toll.